Counseling & Coaching

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Counseling Services

  • Yearning for deeper connection with a partner, child, friend or loved one?
  • Tired of feeling tired all the time?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and in need of someone to talk to to sort things out?
  • Need help in managing intense emotions and old habits of relating and reacting?

Psychotherapists Mary Kay Rose, Ed.S., LPC and Gary Bass, M.Ed., LPC, look forward to the privilege of joining with you as you explore possibilities for living more fully, creatively and authentically.

Life Coaching Services

Life coaching is a co-commitment journey between you and your coach.  The starting point is where you are now and the destination is a point determined by your dreams, intentions and creative imagination.  Sessions may be facilitated either on the telephone or in person.  If you would like to learn more about life coaching, call us at 540-248-1801.