Programs for Organizations

Photo:  Josefe aka Hipnosapo/Flickr

Photo: Josefe aka Hipnosapo/Flickr

We are available to come onsite and provide programs for your group meeting or organization.  Below are a list of possible topics.  If your group or organization has a specific need, please contact us and we can customize a presentation for your group or organization specific to your needs.

Work Place Stress and the Encouragement of Empathy

Work environments present unique stressors, especially in these times when one person may be doing the work of several.  I becomes essential to make self-care a priority.  This program’s focus is on providing strategies to manage stress personally, professionally and organizationally, as well as enhancing an awareness of the multiple benefits an empathetic work environment provides.

Business Communication and Effective Relating

In stressful work environments, it is important to be able to acknowledge and deal with conflicts as they arise.  We all have different styles of relating and of handling conflict and stress.  This program focuses on simple strategies that support  clear and effective communication  and interpersonal relating in the workplace.

Creating Improvement and Transformational Change

Change is always uncomfortable, even desired change.  Whether it is small improvements or major change you seek, this program offers skills to reach your desired goals, as individuals, organizations and groups.  A road map for change will be provided along with an awareness of the essential ingredients to create successful change.